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April 30, 2021

Are Direct Mail Leads the Best Final Expense Lead Program?


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There are a couple types of direct mail leads.  These leads are generated through a letter with a postage-paid reply card completed by the customer requesting more information for final expense.  The standard information included on the card is the prospect’s name, address, phone number and email address.  One is a “1,000-piece mailer.” This means, the lead vendor will mail 1,000 cards out and what gets returned is yours.  The standard response rate is anywhere from 1% to 1.5%.  Agents will pay anywhere from $400 – $500 per 1,000-piece mailer.  Another is a “per piece” lead.  This means, you can order a specific number of leads every week and never guess at how many you get back.  Agents will pay anywhere from $25 – $50 per lead.

Are Telemarketing Leads the Answer for a Busy Agent?

These are leads that are generated by a telemarketing lead vendor.  They cold-call prospects who are in specific demographics and meet certain criteria.  The prospect obligates to the lead over the phone and is told that they will receive a call in 24 hours from a licensed agent. This is where it is crucial to follow up with the lead immediately before it becomes increasingly difficult to track down the client. The cost of telemarket leads are anywhere from $15 – $20 per lead.

Internet Leads are Another Option.

Internet leads are very cost effective, and usually have a quick turnaround time.  However, they aren’t very well qualified.  Most of the data used to collect lead information is based off recent website browsing and search history.  There’s also a good chance that other agents might have already contacted the prospects.  Sometimes the prospect was just looking for an instant quote and didn’t really want an agent contacting them.  Agents can pay anywhere from $1 – $4 for these leads

Existing Clients are the Best Final Expense Lead Program.

By reaching out to your existing client base, whether it be Medicare clients or financial planning clients, you can really increase your life sales.  A simple question like, “oh by the way, do you have your burial expenses covered?” or “have you experienced any major life changes lately?” go a long way to discovering potential new sales.  These types of leads are FREE!!!

The Best Final Expense Lead Program is Referrals!

Referrals can dramatically increase your leads which means more sales!  Don’t leave your appointments without asking for referrals!  Simply ask, “who do you know could use something valuable like what you just got?”  This is another FREE lead!

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