Aetna | Medicare Producer News: November 21, 2019

Individual MA/ MAPD: Top 5 enrollment reminders, new videos and flyers, and Open Enrollment Period Rules of the Road webinar on December 12, 2019.

North American | IMPORTANT: Details on Product Changes Effective January 1

Due to a continued low interest rate environment and change in the prescribed rates required to determine reserves insurers must hold, we are making changes on new business for the following fixed index annuities.

AIG | Welcome to Connext!

NewsThe Connext producer website is a simpler, faster and more transparent way to do business with us. Don't forget to review your email Notification Settings to receive updates on pending and inforce cases. For assistance or questions, please contact 800-631-5777,...

Global Atlantic | A Top Pick for Strong Early Income, Backed by Competitive Income Factors

NewsIncome 150+ offers all of the interest crediting potential and protection from market losses of a typical fixed income annuity (FIA), with competitive Income Factors for single or joint income. With Income Boosts available in years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10, what sets...

Aetna | Your Chance to Earn a Bonus through December

NewsYour Chance to earn a Bonus Submit qualifying applications of Medicare Supplement and ancillary products between October 1 - December 31, 2019 to earn a bonus. The more qualifying applications...

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John Hancock | Spotlight News

Just in time to boost your year-end sales, we're making exciting changes to two of our leading permanent protection products. Take a look below.With longer guarantees and price improvements, Protection UL — our top-selling permanent product — delivers more protection...

Aetna | Part B Giveback: Help your Atlanta Clients Save Money

Did your clients’ Medicare Part B monthly premium go up in 2019? Let them know about the Aetna Medicare Plus PPO plan. It’ll reduce your clients Part B premium by $80 a month—This means an annual savings of $960. How do These Giveback Plans Work? Your client enrolls...

Transamerica | Introducing the New Final Expense Solutions Portfolio

Changes are coming to our Final Expense Solutions Portfolio which will streamline and simplify the experience with an e-application that makes same-day policy approval possible, consolidated underwriting, and a single application across all ages. A new consolidated...

North American | Product Discontinuations Effective 1/1/2020

A series of year-end product moves will help make it easier to position the North American fixed index annuity line-up. Effective Jan. 1, 2020 the following will be discontinued: NAC BenefitSolutions® 14 (10-year still available) Performance Choice® 12 and 12 Plus (8...

Global Atlantic | Fixed & Fixed Index Annuity Rates are Changing

Effective November 11, 2019 Choice Accumulation II Fixed Index Annuity One-year point-to-point with cap: 4.10%¹ SecureFore 3 Fixed Annuity: 2.15%² SecureFore 5 Fixed Annuity: 2.50%² *Effective November 11, 2019Click to download our rate sheet to see what other rates...

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