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Health Sales

x7731 | 267-386-8135 | healthsales@pfsinsurance.com

Alicia Klinges
Director of Agent Onboarding
x7805 |aklinges@pfsinsurance.com

Chris Murphy
Director of Agent Onboarding
x7001 | cmurphy@pfsinsurance.com

Cody Johnson
Director of Sales – Health
x7723 | jjohnson@pfsinsurance.com

Danielle Houck
Director of Sales – Health
x7712 | dhouck@pfsinsurance.com

Dustin Ofsharick
Director of Sales – Health
x7706 | dofsharick@pfsinsurance.com

Jeff Palo
Vice President – Health Sales
x7716 | jpalo@pfsinsurance.com

Jessica Strauss
Director of Agent Onboarding
x7702 | jstrauss@pfsinsurance.com

Nick Palo
Assistant Vice President – Health
x7728 | npalo@pfsinsurance.com

Rafael Mendoza
Regional Sales Director
x7794 | rmendoza@pfsinsurance.com

Rob Valincius
National Director of Agent Training
x7701 | rvalincius@pfsinsurance.com

Serena Bugryn
Regional Vice President
x7715 | sbugryn@pfsinsurance.com

Life, Annuity, & LTC Sales

x6003 | 267-386-8132 | lifesales@pfsinsurance.com

Mark Bolger
Agent Care Specialist – Life, Annuity and LTC
x7705 | mbolger@pfsinsurance.com

Will Torrance
Senior Sales Director – Life, Annuity, & LTC
x7790 | wtorrance@pfsinsurance.com

John Doria
Senior Sales Director – Life, Annuity, & LTC
x7105 | jdoria@pfsinsurance.com

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