Medicare Basics

Medicare is individual health insurance offered to U.S. citizens and other eligible individuals based on age, disability, or qualifying medical condition. The Medicare Basics is more complicated than some would think.

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Policies

Guaranteed Issue final expense policies are extremely popular in the senior market due to its simplicity and no underwriting requirements. These plans are designed for clients who have recent or...

Designing a Medicare Website

Designing a Medicare website can be a tedious task but is extremely crucial for an agent to do for their web presence. With most of today’s current sales environment being virtual, more than ever clients are seeking out insurance agents via the internet.

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Lumico Life Final Expense

Established in 1965, Lumico Life Insurance Company (“A” rated) is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, and owned by The Swiss Re Corporation group. Lumico aims to exceed its customers’ expectations and make them feel confident and clear in their choice.

Medicare Insulin Saving Program

What is the Insulin Saving Program? It is big news in the Medicare industry! I am going to cover where and how to quote this for your clients, while also proving information and how this program works.

Best FMO for Medicare Agents

The Medicare market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years. Independent insurance agents have plenty of options when searching for the Best Medicare FMO for Medicare agents to help them grow their Medicare business.

Effective Sales Presentations

What separates top sales representatives from their average low-performing peers? Great sales presentations! There are nine secrets of a highly effective sales presentation, that we'll explore in detail.The nine things that great salespeople do to separate themselves...

GTL’s Hospital Indemnity Plans

GTL Hospital Indemnity Plan insurance is to help fill some of the gaps of the co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses of your health insurance plan.

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