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FMO – (Field Marketing Organization) | IMO – (Independent Marketing Organization) | NMA – (National Marketing Alliance) | NMO – (National Marketing Organization) | BGA- (Brokerage General Agency)

Depending on the carrier, we can lay claim to all of those titles above. But, what do they mean? Simply put, they’re industry created designations, self-appointed titles, and a jumble of letters.

Here at Pinnacle, we’re about partnerships, not titles. We build partnerships with each and every agent. Whether you’re an independent broker working from home or a large agency working multiple states, we want you to join the Pinnacle team.

The deal is this: you sell and we take care of everything from submission to commission. Our toolkit is extensive. Once entered into our system, you have access to all of our carriers. Your information is securely stored and you can add additional carriers at any time. Never fill out contracting paperwork again!

Once contracted, we give you the keys to the tool chest. We’ll do the research and help you select the right carriers and products for all of your client’s needs. Because our job is to make that process as easy as possible, our website has every type of quoting tool you’ll need. This includes everything from Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Part D plans to Long Term Care, Annuity, Final Expense and Term Life Insurance. We also provide easy access to any available e-apps to help you go paperless and fill in applications on the go. Once on-boarded, our agents generally experience a twenty to forty percent increase in production!

To help get you in front of more clients, we offer lead programs including per-lead, pre-set appointments, mailings, or lists. We also offer cost sharing programs or provide leads free, based on your production.

Pinnacle offers customized compliance plans to guide you through the process. We’ll also do on-site assessments to ensure your place of business is within all industry guidelines.

A large team of dedicated senior market specialists is available to assist you with questions, client eligibility, and developing marketing strategies. We offer face-to-face training, web based training and webinars. Everything is posted online for you to review at your leisure. At the end of the day, like any good partnership, we are happiest when you are happy. It’s all about shared success.

So, when choosing a partner, we hope you’ll remember what we say here:

You’ve got the talent, we’ve got the tools.
We hope you’ll Join Us At The Top!!

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