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Available for Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplements.


Call Recording Now Available

New Voice Recording Enrollment System is now available to agents of Pinnacle Financial Services through our proprietary Connect4Insurance platform.

Seamlessly record your calls and stay compliant with the new CMS regulation.  The call recording system through Connect4Insurance is FREE for all agents with Pinnacle Financial Services.

*Stores recordings automatically for the 10-year required period.


Pinnacle Financial Services is your one-stop for all the technology you need to quote, compare and enroll your Medicare clients. Pinnacle makes available the “Connecture” the “SunFire” and the “MyMedicareBot” enrollment platforms. You can use any of them depending solely on your preference.
To receive access, please make sure you are contracted and certified for all of your Medicare carriers through Pinnacle Financial Services.

SunFire Recording Training Videos

MyMedicareBot Recording Training Videos

Connecture Recording Training Videos

Download Information on Connecture and Sunfire

Download Information on MyMedicareBot

Agent Call Recording


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Fill out the form provided to contact a Pinnacle Financial Services representative for all of your Connect4Insurance, SunFire, or general questions.

What is Connect4Insurance?

Connect4Insurance instantly quotes, compares, and enrolls your Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Medicare clients all in one place.

Best of all, it’s free of charge to all Pinnacle Financial Services agents.

This program was created by the same group responsible for the Medicare.gov system.


Learn from the experts: receive training on the Medicare e-App System: Medicare Advantage, Supplement, and Part D. Quote, add prescription drugs, compare plans, and enroll!


Text Enrollment

Pinnacle is now offering text enrollment capabilities with Connect4Insurance Medicare sales. Contact the Medicare sales team today for access, free of charge.

new for 2022

Connect4Insurance now allows agents to complete carrier HRA’s. Find out how to get paid during AEP by completing the health risk assessment.


Be an Early Adopter

Get access and training now. For a one-on-one tutorial, please contact the Medicare team from Pinnacle Financial Services.

Agent-Specific URL

Connect4Insurance client enrollment link to your website, emails, and/or social media. This will allow clients to click, compare, and even enroll themselves in a plan. You’ll receive credit for the sale and get paid!

Multiple Platforms

With the addition of both Connecture and SunFire platforms, Connect4Insurance becomes even more accessible.

As a leading Medicare FMO, Pinnacle Financial Services makes available all the technology necessary for agents to run their businesses.

To get a look at both enrollment options, contact a representative today.

Connect4Medicare Computer

SunFire Medicare Enrollment System

Ask about SunFire’s Dr. Search Feature
Pinnacle Financial Services now makes available SunFire, Medicare enrollment system. As a leading Medicare FMO, Pinnacle makes available all the tools necessary for agents to run their business.

Technology designed to help agents quote, compare, and enroll Medicare beneficiaries in insurance products that will minimize their total annual cost. It’s this technology that helps agents increase efficiencies and time management while providing plan recommendations best for each client.

For details on the SunFire enrollment system please contact a Pinnacle Financial Services Medicare expert.


Look up provider directories & formularies


Text enrollments


Compare a variety of plans


Look up provider directories & formularies


Enroll electronically


Complete Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and Get Paid

Learn & Compare

Learn about Medicare basics in-depth, and compare Medicare Advantage, Supplement, and more.


What to consider for options available in your state. Pinnacle can help.

YourMedicare Bot

New Voice Recording and Signature Enrollment System now available to agents of Pinnacle Financial Services

YourMedicare Bot offers an integrated CRM, electronic Scope of Appointment, plan quoting, telephonic enrollment capabilities, and more.

We currently offer UHC, Humana, Aetna CIGNA and WellCare for enrollment.  Anthem coming soon.

To get access please reach out to a Medicare team member today.

By now we are sure that you all have had a chance to read, or hear about, the new 2023 Final Rule that goes into effect on 06/28/22.

Pinnacle Financial Services makes available a solution to meet these guidelines from YourMedicareBot.

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