Ancillary Health

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is coverage that pays for medical and-or surgical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse clients for expenses caused by illness or injury, or can pay the care-provider directly.

Hospital Indemnity

Payment in cash for your clients when they have a hospitalization. Pays in addition to any other insurance.

Plugs up any coverage gaps your clients may have in their health policies.

Cancer Insurance

Lump sum cancer insurance can help your clients deal with the huge financial burden when they or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer.

Pays in addition to any other insurance your clients may have.

Critical Illness

Statistics say that many individuals will at some point get diagnosed with a alzheimer’s, heart attack, cancer, stroke along with many other illnesses.

For dollars a day you can get your clients covered from unforeseen out of pocket costs.

Disability Insurance

If your client becomes disabled, and are unable to work, disability insurance will kick in to cover part of their lost wages.

You can offer short term disability (2 years or less) long term disability right through retirement age.

Dental Insurance

Includes routine dental care. Plans generally cover some, or all, of the costs for oral exams, cleanings, filings, and x-rays.

Affordable dental coverage- oral health doesn’t have to be costly. Dental health is overall health, and affects one’s whole body.

Quoting Resources & Tools

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Ancillary Carriers

Pinnacle works with a wide variety of carriers to help provide your clients with the best options available.

Insurance News

Independence Blue cross | Update regarding Change Healthcare cyber security incident

Update regarding Change Healthcare cyber security incident
Last week, Independence Blue Cross confirmed and communicated to brokers and clients

Cigna | Medicaid lookup tool on CignaforBrokers

Last year, we launched our Medicaid lookup tool, which makes it easy to check your customers’ Medicaid status. This tool is available to brokers selling in the Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania

Americo | LEAP into Extra Cash on Your IUL Sales!

Earn $100 per application on the first five IUL applications you write. To qualify for the cash bonus, applications must be submitted and paid by April 30, 2024. See the contest flyer for details.

Cigna | Wincentives 2024: Leads to grow your business and rewards when you do.

2024 brings next-level growth potential.
This year’s incentives can help you get there and reward you when you do.

4 Ways To Harness the Power of Life Insurance in Estate Planning

While life insurance is commonly associated with providing financial protection for loved ones to cover final expenses, it can also serve as a valuable and versatile tool in estate planning.

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