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The Pinnacle Financial Services team will help your business be seen and heard with our leads and marketing programs.


Agent Marketing Plan

Whether you are an independent producer, an agency, or an agent looking to grow into an agency, it all starts with a plan!

Writing a Marketing Plan doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It doesn’t need to follow any formal style. In fact, we suggest a simple outline. The important part is that you need to write it down! It then becomes your navigation system, and you can always revise and review as needed. If you already have a plan, revisit it as your business objectives may have changed!

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Post Season Game Plan
Great teams spend countless hours preparing before each season begins. They work hard to make sure that they are prepared for every opportunity they will face, and they take time to develop the best habits to ensure success. They also begin with the end in mind to set goals to get through the Regular Season and become champions!

As you gear up for medicare advantage season it is important to begin with the end in mind, and consider what you’re going to do when the Regular Season ends and you enter the Postseason. With this in mind, Legacy Safeguard has created the Postseason Game Plan. This game plan will keep you focused so that you can advance to the Postseason ready to help more clients than you ever thought possible.

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Retail Initiative

More than 4,600 Stores to Choose from!

The team at Pinnacle can help you identify a store. Once we find one, we can reserve it just for you!

  • Round 2: May 23rd – June 18th (Closes at 3PM EST)
  • Round 3: June 22nd – June 29th (Closes at 3PM EST)


  • Must be contracted through Pinnacle with two of three Medicare Advantage carriers.
  • Must be in the store 20 hours per week/ 3 days a week.
  • Daily reporting and check-ins are required.
  • Must complete Medicare product certification by September 1st.

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Social Security Webinar Program

Grow your business by helping clients with Social Security.

Anyone approaching retirement has questions about Social Security. But are you prepared to answer these questions? With our Social Security program, we not only prepare you to be an expert in Social Security issues, we put you in front of qualified prospects, putting you in the optimal position to close your business.

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Lead Solutions

We Did the Research and we Have a Solution!

Pinnacle will build your custom program and show you how to have better sales, closing rates, and less wasted time and effort. Whether you need Medicare Advantage Leads, Medicare Supplement Leads, Annuity, Life Insurance, or Final Expense Leads… we have a solution!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Any individual who purchases a lead, must verify that it is legal within your state. For compliance, we recommend you use a carrier-specific lead piece, or a carrier field generic piece. Please contact your sales director in your state for more information.

Big News!

Call your sales director today about our AEP lead program: 1-800-772-6881 x7731.

Ask about our per-lead Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement lead program.


Lead Cards

We offer high-quality direct mailers to our agents. Most can be customized for your target audience. We also have several different price categories, and will work to develop the right plan for you. Best Medicare Advantage leads on the market now available! Tried and proven results for a discounted price. Call now!

Lead Information – Lead Concepts
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Lead Generation Programs – Kramer
For Annuities, Final Expense, & Medicare Supplement
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Lead Program – ARM
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Prospect Lists

Pinnacle also offers our agents the opportunity to purchase affordable name lists that can be customized with the zip code, income, and age criteria they’re interested in targeting.

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Turning 65 Program

We will give you access to the Baby Boomers in your area for no cost! You qualify to participate if you’re appointed with at least two carriers through Pinnacle. Call our Sales team for details.

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Per-Piece Lead Program

We take the guesswork out of return rates. You can purchase physical leads for either Medicare or Final Expense. Figure out how many you need a week, place the order and within 3 weeks, we’ll have them delivered right to your portal.

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Pre-Set Appointments

Just like the per piece program, you set your schedule, and work when you want. Tell us the days and times you want to work and we’ll take it from there.

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Internet Leads

Receive real-time Medicare, Health, and Life insurance internet leads for the ZIP codes/counties you select. Leads are generated year-round from people actively requesting insurance quotes online. You can sell any insurance product available through Pinnacle Financial Services.

Annuity Internet Leads

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Social Security Leads

Social Security Maximization will give you the ability to educate those individuals entering retirement. Give individuals a personalized income retirement plan through the tools available from Pinnacle Financial Services.

Social Security Webinar Program

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