Best Final Expense Commissions

April 5, 2021

Here at Pinnacle Financial Services, we give top-level commission contracts out to our agents.  When you work with us, you are guaranteed to get the best final expense commission that the carrier will allow us to give. 

Are there Qualifications to Getting the Highest Levels?

We don’t play games like other agencies out there do, where you need to “qualify” for a commission raise. We don’t start you at 70% and make you write $5,000 a month to get a 75% contract.  Also, you don’t need to play the commission game with us either.  If you come to us and say that you’re at 90% and Agent Level is 100%, that’s what you get!  You do not need to prove anything to us, we take your word.


What are the Top Commissions we offer?

We offer many Final Expense companies at Pinnacle Financial that have contract levels over 100%.  A few of them are:

United Home Life
Mutual of Omaha

Plus, companies like Columbian Life, Cigna, TransAmerica, Royal Neighbors, and many more are all over 100% commission level.  To find out exactly what you can get, give us a call, and speak to a Final Expense Sales Director.

What are the Best Final Expense Commissions for Guaranteed Issue?

Typically, guaranteed issue products pay out a smaller commission level.  However, Pinnacle Financial is able to get higher agent levels due to the volume we submit.  We have companies like AIG that offer a lower commission level for its guaranteed issue product.  Also, Great Western will give a lower commission for its guaranteed issue product, but, if the client can answer no to 3 simple questions, the client can qualify for an immediate benefit and the agent will receive a better commission payout.

How Can Agents Receive the Best Final Expense Commissions?

To receive the highest commissions, give us a call and speak to a Final Expense Sales Director.  We can be reached at (800) 772-6881 ext 6003. Email us at lifesales@pfsinsurance.com

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Warren Readinger

Warren Readinger

Director of Sales | Life & Final Expense

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