Insurance Agent E&O Coverage

Errors and Omissions insurance, typically referred to as E&O, is a professional liability insurance that is meant to protect companies, employees, and individuals against claims made by clients. E&O coverage is required by most of the insurance carriers for Life,...

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High Quality Exclusive Annuity Leads

What’s the hardest part of an insurance agent’s job? Any seasoned agent will tell you it's finding new quality clients. For insurance agents and financial advisors, having a good system for getting in front of qualified prospects is key. When it comes to Annuity...

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How to Whitelist an Email

When signing up for a new email list or subscription service, it can be frustrating when those emails don't seem to appear in your mailbox. If it happens enough, the email system might start to create patterns of blocking emails from specific addresses, or permanently...

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PACE/PACENET is a Pennsylvania funded and run program that helps Medicare eligible beneficiaries save money on their prescription drug costs. PACE stands for Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly while PACENET stands for PACE Needs Enhancement Tier. These...

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Medicare Advantage Retail Program

Retail Read All About It! Are you an insurance agency/agent and has heard of how other agents get clients from the Medicare Advantage Retail Program? This is a great start for you and your business. Many agents have tried this but have they “really” tried this?...

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Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Selecting a Medicare Advantage plan can be an important and difficult decision. Although there are many top carriers around the country, Humana's Medicare Advantage plans, is an easy choice. Humana has a variety of MAPD plans, which include different benefits and...

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