Cigna | CHLIC transition beginning for policyholders in Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, and Tennessee

June 26, 2024

Announcing the CHLIC transition in Iowa, Maryland, Louisiana and Tennessee.

What you and your customers need to know.

The CHLIC transition is about to begin in Iowa (IA), Louisiana (LA), Maryland (MD) and Tennessee (TN). As referenced in this email, Cigna Healthcare Supplemental Benefits will mail Notice of Transfer packets to Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC) Medicare Supplement insurance policyholders; in these states, this will occur starting on July 2.

What this means to you

Once we have documented consent, we will begin the policy transfer process for CHLIC policyholders who reside in IA, LA, MD, and TN to MedCo Containment Life Insurance Company (MCLIC). As we will maintain all Agent of Record information with those policies, and as CHLIC is no longer available for sale in these states, this aspect of the CHLIC transition should be of minimal impact to you.

What this means for your customers

  •  Notification: The Notice of Transfer packets provide policyholders with information about the transition, including a mail-in response card to consent to or reject it. Please note: You may not provide consent on behalf of a policyholder but may encourage them to review their packet and return their consent response to ensure that it is recorded.
  • Consent rule: In IA, LA, MD and TN, policyholders have 90 days to consent to or reject the transition. If no response is received after 60 days, Cigna will issue a second notice. No response at 90 days is considered deemed consent. 
  • Transfer: When a policyholder’s consent response is received, we will store it and move their policy into a transfer queue. Once a policy has transferred from CHLIC to MCLIC, the policyholder will receive a Certificate of Assumption as a record of the transfer, and a new MCLIC ID card. There will be no interruption to service or changes in policy terms. Consent processing times may vary – watch for updates as referenced below.

Please note: Policyholder consent requirements are based on applicable regulations for the state of residence (vs. the state of policy issuance), to afford consumer protections of that state regarding consent to the transfer.

Need more information?

We’ve established a CHLIC transition broker information resource page just for you, containing:

  • FAQs, including the latest on consent processing timelines,
  • on-demand trainings, and
  • other Transition Updates, including sample state policyholder notices as issued.

Be sure to bookmark/Favorite this page for convenient access to this resource.

CHLIC transition broker information page

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