Cigna | Value Based Enrollment Program Changes

May 19, 2023

Value Based Enrollment Program (VBE)

Changes to VBE payments for digital applications starting with June 1 effectives

At Cigna Healthcare, we believe that the Primary Care Provider (PCP) and patient relationship is of vital importance to drive better health outcomes and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

For this reason, we are making changes in how payments are earned through our Value Based Enrollment (VBE) digital application program to further promote the PCP and patient relationship and continue to encourage the collection of a customer email address. This change applies to June 1 effectives and beyond.

New VBE Payment Amounts

Here’s how you can continue to earn up to $50 per approved digital application for new Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage (MA) customers:

  • Earn $30 for including a valid in-network PCP on the digital application.
  • Earn $20 for including a valid customer email address on the digital application.

For more information on this change to our VBE program, please feel free to review our VBE Program Broker FAQ after logging in to Producers’ University.

Benefits of this Program Change

Capturing a customer’s valid PCP and email address at the time of enrollment gives Cigna Healthcare Medicare important information to provide better care for your customers.

Better care results in higher customer satisfaction and retention rates, as well as higher net promoter scores (NPS). This means you can spend more time selling and growing your business and less time addressing customer concerns.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in providing the best care for your Cigna Healthcare Medicare customers.

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