Can your Client’s Retirement Survive COVID-19?

March 28, 2020

Whether you are worried about the upcoming election, recent market volatility, or contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus), it is certainly a scary time to be alive! While many Americans quarantine at home watching their retirement accounts tank, our advisors are seeing this as a huge opportunity. What a great time to be talking to clients about the protection and guarantees that Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities provide. Especially when all your prospects are home! Furthermore, our Agents working with us here at Pinnacle Financial Services are equipped with all the capabilities and resources to continue business as usual remotely during this tough time.

There are two things about our financial markets that we know for sure – The Markets fluctuate up and down, and Volatility is inevitable… Annuity products can be instrumental in protecting your clients’ portfolio during a market downturn, such as the recent one. With an Indexed Annuity, clients enjoy Principle protection during a market downturn, but also the ability to earn interest with the subsequent rebound. This is a great time to go back to any prospects in your “tickler” system, or any of those fence-sitters you may have met with!

What if your Client’s portfolio has already taken a tough hit in the last month? It’s not too late to discuss an Annuity. On top of the Indexing potential, many Fixed Indexed Annuities offer a Guaranteed up-front Premium Bonus. Perhaps we can recommend an Annuity with a 7%, 8%, or even 10% premium bonus to recoup recent losses. Additionally, by purchasing an Indexed Annuity at a time when indexes are low, clients will have a much better likelihood of receiving high annual interest moving forward.

Maybe your clients planned to retire soon and now are concerned about running out of retirement income? If so, they may want to consider an income rider annuity as a part of their overall retirement strategy. A large percentage of Annuity sales today involve some type of Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider. Income riders all grow using different calculations stipulated by the individual insurance carriers, but many of them offer a large up-front bonus to the income rider (sometimes 20-25%). These types of bonus income rider products address both the recent market losses via an income bonus, as well as the concern of running out of money via the income rider.

Our Pinnacle Agents are able to put their clients’ minds at ease despite all these concerns. All the Life and Annuity products that we offer can be sold via E-App. Our team here provides product selection, illustration and case design, application scrubbing and processing, as well as leads and marketing. Give us a call today and let us help you capitalize on Coronavirus hysteria!

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Josh Horton

Josh Horton

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