Nationwide Peak 10 Annuity

July 16, 2021

There are many options when it comes to Index annuities. It would seem that most “name” brand companies have not really had products in this space. Well, welcome the Nationwide Peak 10 annuity. This is not Nationwide’s first foray into the index annuity space.  This time upon review of the product this Nationwide incorporates more benefits and in my mind more suitable index crediting options, than their previously introduced products. 

guaranteed income

The Nationwide peak 10 has all of the crediting strategies that you would come to expect from an index annuity but they also have some new exclusive indexes with Alliance Bernstein, as well as J.P. Morgan. These new exclusive indexes allow for more consistent returns, as well as more “passive” outperformance of the market. This all comes from a carrier that has some of the highest ratings from the independent rating services that you can receive.

In addition to some exclusive index options, the Nationwide Peak 10 also has a guaranteed income rider that does not have a charge, as well as a very competitive charge income rider. In addition to these benefits, the Nationwide Peak 10 has a competitive immediate income option as well as a joint income option that provides for two lives, which can be a very important financial planning tool to protect for two individuals without a reduction in the income. When considering an Index annuity the Nationwide Peak 10 has to be considered, because of the name brand, the new indexing strategies, and the income options. As with any index annuity considering the overall nature of your financial picture should be considered and assessed when making the decision if this option is right for the client. In addition to all of the benefits to the client that the Nationwide Peak 10 offers, they are also running an agent incentive for production that is easily obtained and provides nice benefits to the agents.

When considering financial planning solutions, and the incorporation of annuities as a solution that can provide guaranteed lifetime income, that is of the utmost importance today, contact the specialists at Pinnacle Financial Services, to discuss the Nationwide Peak 10, and the multitude of other options that can really assist you and your clients needs long term.

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