E&O Insurance

July 19, 2021

What is E&O Insurance?  Also known as Errors and omissions insurance, E&O insurance helps cover you against lawsuits claiming you made mistakes in professional services. Coverages can include protection against inaccurate advice, misrepresentation, negligence, and more. It helps cover the cost of attorney fees, court costs, and more. It’s a must-have in the senior market along with most carriers requiring you to have it in order to contract. Pinnacle Financial Services partners with CalSurance to offer a discount to all Pinnacle agents.

E&O insurance

How do I get E&O Insurance?

Pinnacle Financial Services makes it easy to obtain E&O insurance.  We offer it on our services tab along with many other discounts such as CE Credits.  Depending on what products a licensed agent is selling, the level of coverage may need to be increased.  CalSurance offers one million over one million at only $400.  Speak to one of our directors of sales today to find out what level you will need.

When do I need to get E&O Insurance?

The best time to get E&O Insurance is when you contract.  Sending this over to the carriers during the process will quicken the time it takes to get you set up. 

AEP will be here before you know it.  Now is the time to become a licensed agent to sell senior market products such as Medicare advantage along with others. 

Reach out today to find out about all the carriers we offer at Pinnacle Financial Services. 1 (800) 772-6881 x7731 | sales@pfsinsurance.com

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Dustin Ofsharick

Dustin Ofsharick

Director of Salees | Health

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