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March 15, 2021

There is more to creating a Medicare website than you think. With the devastation that was caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, every industry had to adapt. The Medicare market was especially affected given that most sales were traditionally conducted via in-person appointments. With the majority of the country banning in-person meetings, agents and companies had to adapt. This led to a focus on creating an online presence and the need to have a website to allow your Medicare clients to quote and enroll themselves.

Where Do I Start?

The first question I always hear from agents is where do I start with creating a website? There are a couple of factors that we will do into. The things I would consider are marketing/branding, domain forwarding, and 3rd party website design.

Creating a Medicare Website: Marketing/Branding

The marketing/branding aspect of your business is extremely important, especially in the digital era. You need to really sit down and think about this because this will typically be your first impression made by your potential clients. The domain that you will purchase will have to fit into your business model. I typically recommend utilizing Godaddy.com when doing this. If you are struggling to think about this, feel free to review this branding video that I did on our YouTube page.

Creating a Medicare Website: Domain Forwarding vs 3rd Party Design

There are 2 ways you can handle this once you purchase a domain. You can connect your domain directly to a personal shopping link or have a 3rd party company design a website from scratch for you. Connecting your domain to a shopping link is free to do outside of you purchasing the domain, whereas the 3rd party website development could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. The main benefit of getting a website designed from scratch is the customizability to your unique business model while also allowing you to market multiple product lines.

Where does Pinnacle Financial Services come in?

Pinnacle Financial Services is a full-service “FMO” that offers you some of the best technology in the business, like our proprietary Connect4Medicare platform. Connect4Medicare has 2 separate platforms, Connecture and Sunfire, that both allow you to have a unique shopping link to send to your clients. These are free to you as a Pinnacle Financial Services agent, and we are the only FMO in the country with access to BOTH platforms simultaneously. I am the national agent trainer here and would be happy to help any agent take their digital presence to the next level. Don’t waste any time and contact us today!

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For more information, contact a Pinnacle Financial Services representative today

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Rob Valincius

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