Best Medicare FMO for 2021

January 26, 2021

In order to discuss what makes the best Medicare FMO for 2021, let’s talk about what an “FMO” actually is. FMO stands for Field Marketing Organization. FMOs are typically top of the hierarchy and can help facilitate many aspects of their downstream’s business. FMOs are typically nationwide with agents all across the country.

Agents have many choices amongst FMOs, so what differentiates a great FMO from an average one?

The best Medicare FMO needs Integrity

This might be one of the most important things when finding an FMO partner to work with. What this boils down to is, do they deliver on the promises they made you? All too often, agents are offered “free” leads, higher commissions, and all of the top technology available. What ends up happening is the agent contracts and the FMO never actually does anything they discussed with their new agent.

The best Medicare FMO for 2021 needs excellent support

Excellent support staff can separate your organization from every other. These are the people, typically behind the scenes, who are helping handle agent’s day-to-day operations, facilitating client issues, and overall, just taking time-consuming tasks off of the agents’ plate. 

The best Medicare FMO for 2021 needs to be able to communicate

How often do you see a prospective agent contract with a large FMO only to never hear from them again? This occurs an awful lot in our industry which can tend to put a false connotation that all FMOs are bad. 

Where does Pinnacle Financial Services come in?

Here at Pinnacle Financial Services, we pride ourselves on the key aspects mentioned above. Our integrity is unmatched amongst our peers. Basically, we do what we say we’re going to do and always keep our promises. Our back-office support is second to none. And lastly, our communication has been a key to our success since I started here almost 6 years ago. Our sales team is broken into teams so that you always have someone to talk to. Not to mention, our entire office has their contact information available online to always allow you to find who you were talking to (Feel free to check out our entire team here). If you are in the market for a fresh start or are new to the business, contract with Pinnacle Financial Services and you won’t regret it.

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