Sentinel Security Life | 3-Year MYGA Rates Will Increase November 17th, 2023

November 15, 2023

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company (“Sentinel”) is excited to announce an increase in its 3-year MYGA rates across all states!

Effective Friday, November 17, 2023, Sentinel will increase its Personal Choice Annuity 3-year MYGA rates by 40 basis points in all states. The new 6.00% 3-year rate, effective in most states, will be among the highest non-fee-based 3-year MYGA rates offered by carriers rated B++ or higher in our marketplace, according to Annuity Rate Watch¹.


See Our Market-Leading¹ Rates Taking Effect Monday HERE!

Please note:

  • Effective Friday, November 17th, this new rate will be applied to all new and pending applications.
  • The new rates will not be applied to in-force policies. In-force policies will continue to receive their current rates.
  • Please reference the annuity rate sheet below before speaking with clients about these rate adjustments.
  • Updated materials reflecting these changes will be available on the Agent Portal on Friday, November 17th.

With a higher, market-leading 3-year rate, Sentinel’s Personal Choice Annuity can help you maximize rates for your clients and help them prepare for retirement.

Thank you for your continued support in choosing Sentinel!

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