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December 1, 2023

The Molina Debit Card: Frequent Questions & Answers for Members

Question: When will I receive my Molina debit card?


  • If the member enrolls before 11/28/2023, please advise them to allow 10 business days for processing. They can expect to receive their card in mid-December.
  • If the member enrolls after 11/28/2023, please advise them to allow 15 business days for processing (this is peak season). They can expect to receive their card in late December/early January.

Question: Will I receive a new card if I am re-enrolling with Molina?


  • A member changing to a new Molina plan will receive a new card
  • A member enrolling in the same plan in the same state will not receive a new card; their existing card will be reloaded according to the terms of their enrollment.
  • If a member’s card has been lost or stolen, it may be replaced. Brokers may contact the BSU on the member’s behalf or advise the member to phone the Contact Center number listed on the back of their MyChoice or Healthy You card.

Question: Will I receive my SSBCI benefits from last year?


  • The member should receive their SSBCI benefits automatically as long as they had no break in enrollment.
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