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April 1, 2021

In-Home Care: Will your clients be able to handle the costs?

The Wall Street Journal reports an increased demand for in-home care due to the Coronavirus. And that in-home care can be expensive. A home health aide alone may cost $50,336 a year.1 The question is, where will people get the money to pay for in-home care?

Global Atlantic

Since Medicare and health insurance may not fully cover your clients’ long-term care LTC needs, they might have to tap their retirement savings, which could jeopardize their retirement strategy. Now maybe the time to talk about adding an LTC strategy to their retirement portfolio.

A ForeCare fixed annuity with LTC care benefits can give your clients 2X to 3X more money for qualified LTC expenses. And if unused for LTC expenses or income, the remaining assets at death pass to beneficiaries – it’s not lost. More money for LTC may just the relief your clients need!

Show your clients a new way to help keep their retirement on track – even during an LTC event!

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