Global Atlantic | Will RMDs Derail your Clients’ Plans to Leave Behind Money?

March 11, 2021

Help your clients leave behind more money (despite RMDs)

Imagine this: one of your clients earmarked a chunk of her qualified money for her son when she dies. Good plan. But when she turns 72, her Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) kick in – something that might erode her legacy strategy.

Global Atlantic

Choice Accumulation II’s guaranteed EDB growth for up to 15 years¹:


But Choice Accumulation offers an optional death benefit, available for an additional cost, that provides guaranteed 7% growth for up to 15 years to help maximize legacy planning (despite RMDs).¹

Ready to help your clients preserve their legacy plans despite RMDs? Watch and share this video with your clients – then let’s talk.

And for additional information, including our competitive Choice Income II lifetime withdrawal percentages and the optional Income Multiplier Benefit, please call the sales team at (855)44-SALES (447-2537), option 1, or visit globalatlantic.com/imo.

¹ The optional Enhanced Death Benefit is available at an annual cost of 0.50%, assessed at the end of the contract year, based on the Enhanced Death Benefit amount. The benefit is comprised of a guaranteed roll-up of 7.00% simple interest for 15 years based on premiums, fewer withdrawals. All withdrawals will reduce the benefit. Minimum issue age of 0 and maximum age of 75 applies. If death occurs prior to the 15th contract anniversary, the EDB will stop growing.

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