Clover Health | Planned Medicare Advantage Expansion for 2023

July 20, 2022

Clover currently offers its MA plans in 209 counties where it cares for approximately 85,000 members. Clover’s planned expansion will make its MA plans available in 220 counties across eight states: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. As part of its focus on sustainable membership growth, Clover will be exiting two of its smaller markets, the counties of El Paso, Texas, and Pima, Arizona.

2023 Certifications are Open!

  • You will receive your unique 2023 certification code from your upline. Don’t know your upline? Log in to Miramar:Agent to find out!
  • Completing your 2023 certifications will also certify you to sell 2022 plans.
  • New to Clover Health and don’t have an upline? Reach out to contracting@cloverhealth.com to learn more!
  • Once you are RTS (ready to sell) for 2023 – register for a Clover Health Broker Orientation for an overview of Clover, key benefits and the Clover website.

2023 Certifications Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miramar:Agent?

  • Miramar-agent.com is Clover Health’s certification platform. For agents to become certified to sell our 2023 Medicare Advantage Products, an agent is required to pass our 2023 Certification Program through Miramar: Agent.

When I log into Miramar:Agent – it asks for a unique code. What is that?

  • Your upline has the unique code you will need to add to Miramar. Please reach out to your upline. Once you have this code you can complete 2023 certifications. 

I’m having issues with Miramar: Agent. Who can help?

How do I find out who my upline is?

  • Log in to Miramar: Agent, look under Groups with the Clover Health plan.

2023 First Look Events Are Here

Learn about Clover Health’s 2023 plans & benefits and meet our local team. Clover Health is hosting events throughout all of our service areas.

Find one near you and RSVP today! 

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