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January 30, 2024

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  • Help Empower Your Clients Retirement with RPM’s Cap & Fixed Rates
  • Important 1099 Notice
  • Building a Prosperous Future with Annuities! 
  • In Case You Missed It: Leading Features & NEW Agent Flyer 
  • Updated Product Forms

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Help Empower Your Clients Retirement with RPM’s Cap & Fixed Rates

    The Retirement Plus Multiplier® (“RPM”) Annuity offers tailored growth solutions for your clients. RPM’s Cap & Fixed strategies, available with 5-, 7-, & 10-year durations allow clients to build their retirement plans on the timeframe of their choosing. Explore the latest rates below to assist your clients in shaping a future aligned with their financial goals! 

    Did you know? RPM’s 5-year option mirrors the benefits of its 7- and 10-year counterparts but in a shorter duration of time

    Leverage the latest RPM annuity rates HERE. 

    Important 1099 Notice 

    1099 forms for commissions paid to Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company agents will be mailed this Wednesday, January 31st, 2024. 

    Building a Prosperous Future with the Safe Haven Annuity and Safe Harbor Annuity! 

    In today’s unpredictable financial landscape, predictability is priceless. For clients who prioritize a conservative approach to planning for their retirement future, the Safe Haven Annuity and Safe Harbor Annuity can be an excellent option.

    While the rate guarantee maximizes clients’ rates, the 3-year and 5-year durations offer some of the most competitive non-fee-based MYGA interest rates in the annuity market, according to Annuity Rate Watch1. See our current rates below:

    Utilize these competitive MYGA rates using the updated annuity rate sheet found HERE. 

    In Case You Missed It: Leading Features & NEW Agent Flyer 

    Last year Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company (“Atlantic Coast Life”) continued to be a top choice in the industry by introducing innovative enhancements, offering competitive rates, providing top-tier income payouts, incorporating unique features, and more. Discover two examples of these transformative product updates below.

    The Accumulation Protector PlusSM (“APP”) Annuity now features a 10% premium bonus2, a 10% cap rate on the S&P 500® 1-year point-to-point strategy, and new, higher commissions!

    The Income Navigator AnnuitySM (“INA”) increased payout factors, across all ages, by up to 30%! Policyholders now earn a 7% premium bonus on the Accumulation Account & a 7% premium bonus on the Income Account Value when the Income Rider is selected. Additionally, INA now applies a 7% rollup rate guaranteed for 10 years.

    These enhancements continue to help strengthen your portfolio and be a top choice for your clients!

    Preparing for your next client meeting? Explore our NEW Leading Product Portfolio Flyer and use these product-specific benefits to help your client better prepare for their future (agent use only). 

    Updated Product Forms

    Stay in the know! This new section of our weekly email will list product form updates and provide direct links or instructions to access the updated forms. This month, the following revised forms went into effect: 

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