AIG | QoL Value+ Protector II in as Fast as 5 Days

March 31, 2021

Quick access to life insurance protection with strong guarantees plus much more

Getting the cases from submission to issue is faster than ever! We’ve expanded our non-medical underwriting to QoL Value+ Protector II, and doubled the face amounts up to $1 million!


QoL Value+ Protector II, our protection-focused IUL, provides strong guarantees, competitive premiums plus many appealing benefits such as cash accumulation, up and down market control, and optional riders to fit client’s different financial goals.

Just like your favorite security blanket when you were a child, QoL Value+ Protector II can provide your clients the comfort of knowing they are protected from the bumps on the road of life.

We see the future in you.

Smooth Sailing with Non-Med

Nearly 75% of non-medical UW cases are approved in 5 business days or less¹.

¹ Application package should be submitted in good order using our electronic application system for fast decision making.

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