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September 22, 2022


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September 22, 2022

New and noteworthy

Earn a $110 administrative fee if your new D-SNP member completes the HRA 

New for 2023 AEP, you can earn a $110 administration fee for completing a health risk assessment (HRA) with eligible D-SNP enrollments through the Think Agent tool. Available for field sales agents only.

You can also earn a $70 administration fee for completing the HRA with MA/MAPD enrollments, which is the same as last year. Please note that HRAs will be paid on issued sales only. 

Remember, starting October 1, you must record calls with beneficiaries and incorporate a new disclaimer statement

As outlined in the 2023 CMS Final Rule released earlier this year, starting October 1, agents are required to record calls with beneficiaries related to Medicare Advantage (MA, MAPD, D-SNP) and Prescription Drug Plans, and incorporate a new disclaimer.

Sales info

Are you ready to sell for 2023?

Think Agent is your electronic enrollment tool and so much more for 2023 AEP

Think Agent is Aetna’s new electronic enrollment app that offers an optimized enrollment experience for you and your clients. There’s a website version and an app version that you can use on any mobile device, even your cell phone

Order and use the correct formularies with 2023 enrollment kits

When ordering 2023 enrollment kits, please order all formularies recommended with the selected enrollment kits at checkout.

Why is this important? In some cases, because of how the formularies are titled, it may seem like you’re ordering duplicates. For example, you may see two B2 formularies or two B4 formularies. In these cases, one of the formulary versions is for plans participating in the Insulin Savings Program and one is for those that aren’t. All formularies shown with your selected enrollment kits should be ordered.

How can you tell which formulary corresponds to plans participating in the Insulin Savings Program?


Guidelines for assisting your clients prior to October 1

As you know, AEP runs from October 15 to December 7. The first day you can begin marketing 2023 plans is October 1. Before October 1, you’re prohibited from discussing 2023 plans or plan changes with your existing clients or with prospects. Additionally, you may not accept, collect or take possession of a completed AEP enrollment application prior to October 15.

Access 2023 sales presentations

This year, you have several options for presenting Aetna’s consumer-facing sales presentation at sales events and beneficiary meetings starting October 1. You can use a traditional PowerPoint presentation format or share the video version. There is also a PDF version with speaker notes.

NOTE: All of these versions are CMS-approved and cover all required topics. To remain compliant, it is very important you do not add to, remove, or alter anything in the presentations.

2023 MA/MAPD sales PowerPoint presentation (English version)

2023 MA/MAPD sales presentation VIDEO (13 mins)

Start marketing your business with social media

Want to use social media to grow your business, but not sure where to start? Get tips from the pros! Below, watch new episodes focused on social media from our video podcast series Successful Sales Solutions.

Compliance reminders

Sales and marketing tips to stay compliant with this AEP

Tip #1: Explain to prospects about the Part D formulary and drug coverage rules. Pharmacy terms are very confusing to consumers. 

To help them:

Tip #2: If you use a sign-in sheet for in-person meetings, be sure to use the one on Producer World. It is optional if a prospect or member provides their contact information. It is against CMS rules to verbally request any type of personal contact information and ask beneficiaries to sign in. CMS considers this pressuring for personal information.

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