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March 22, 2021

Top 3 lead-gen marketing pieces

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Compliance connection

Hosting an educational event?

Educational events help inform beneficiaries about Medicare Advantage plans and other Medicare programs. If you plan to host an educational event, it’s important to report the event to us using one of our seminar reporting templates. Learn more.

Medicare 101 presentation for educational events

You can use our Medicare 101 presentation at educational events to help explain the different Medicare options to your clients. The presentation reviews both Social Security and Medicare —and how they work together— to give beneficiaries a full picture of how their retirement benefits work. Only want to review Medicare? No problem. Just start the presentation from slide 12. 

When to use a permission-to-contact form

A permission-to-contact form must be completed prior to contacting a prospect. This form is separate from the Scope of Appointment form and is required by CMS. You can download a PDF version. Or, you can order a book of forms, with 50 rip-out pages each, from the Aetna Medicare Marketing Studio.

Scope of Appointment (SOA) requirements

An SOA is a documented agreement between an agent and a Medicare beneficiary that is required by CMS. It lists the MA, MAPD or PDP products agreed upon for discussion prior to a marketing appointment. You’re responsible for obtaining an SOA when conducting individual appointments in person or virtually (i.e., over the phone). Here’s what you need to knowObtain an SOA by paper, email or text

Member retention

Use our guidebook to explain Medicare options

You can download our Medicare guidebook from Producer World and share it with your clients to help answer questions they may have about their Medicare coverage options. Download the guidebook. 

Your Aetna clients may ask you about our health risk assessment (HRA)

This month, some of our MA/MAPD members will receive an automated call from us asking them to take an HRA. The assessment takes just 10-15 minutes to complete and responses are kept confidential. Why should members complete the HRA?

Member video: Where and when to get the COVID-19 vaccination?

Share this video with members to help them learn about what to expect when they’re eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Stay informed about the latest in health technology, industry trends and patient care with CVS Health’s Health Trends Report 2021

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