Selling Final Expense Remotely

July 21, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has drastically changed the way sales can be conducted. Many final expense companies have had an electronic way of submitting applications for years now, only to be utilized during this pandemic. Working remotely in sales has become a way of life so there has been a shift from paper applications to e-Apps. e-App is just a shortened abbreviation for Electronic Application.

Unfortunately, in order to conduct business currently in most states, E-apps have been the only feasible way to submit business with no in-person meetings allowed. However, the beauty of E-apps is that they are built to be extremely easy and save time. From a compliance standpoint, forms are always current and correct, which enables you to not have to double-check how old your application is. Applications submitted electronically go directly to the carrier with no need to worry about mailing it or faxing it. To do a final expense E-app, all you need is a computer or any electronic device with a valid internet connection. In some cases, carriers even offer the ability to do an application in an off-line mode so it can be submitted once you have an internet connection available.

For being a contracted agent with Pinnacle Financial Services, we give you access to a final expense enrollment platform directly through our website. In order to do this, the agent must log in to our website, which is www.pfsinsurance.com. Next, go to the Services tab and click on Forms that are within the drop-down menu. Once there, you will see a box pop-up that says Basic Search. Next to or under it, you will see iGo e-App. Click on that, then click the blue box that says Log In which will take you to a new window. From there, you would click on Start New Case and begin filling out all the information that is highlighted in yellow. Once the required information is entered, click on the box that says Find Available Products and scroll down until you see the final expense company you are looking for. On the right side of the page you will see Select, click on that and you are ready to begin filling out the e-app.

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Warren Readinger

Warren Readinger

Director of Sales - Life & Final Expense

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