Medicare Insulin Saving Program

June 10, 2021

What is the Insulin Saving Program? It is big news in the Medicare industry! Today I will discuss how to make sure you are giving your your clients the best product based on their insulin prescription. Here at Pinnacle Financial Services, we offer our agents the best online comparison tools in the industry at no cost! We want our agents to have the convenience of doing the enrollments from start to finish on one platform.

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How does the Insulin Savings Program work?

The insulin saving program allows participating Part D plans to offer a vast set of formulary insulins at a maximum of $35 co-pay per month supply, throughout the deductible, initial coverage, and coverage gap phase. Starting in January 2021, Part D plans that are participating in this program will offer consistent copayments for their insulin, this will help many clients save money.

Where do you find participating plans?

Creating profiles for your clients, running quotes, doing provider look ups, comparing pharmacies, PDP plan options, Insulin Saving program, a PURL (Compliant Consumer facing Personal Website) and more are available through Pinnacle’s Connect4Medicare system. Connect4Mediacre is an all-in-one tool every agent should have and utilize in today’s day and age. A new value add with Connect4Mediacre is you can specifically quote just the Medicare Advantage plans & PDP that are participating in the Insulin Savings Program by simply selecting it under “Additional savings”.

Next Steps

Please reach out to any of the Sales Directors here at Pinnacle and we will gladly train you on the everything you need with  Connect4Medicare and Medicare Selling.   Our team of Medicare experts can be reached at 1-800-772-6881 x-7731 or email Sales@pfsinsurance.com

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