Medicare Advantage Extra Benefits

January 4, 2023

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private insurance companies and must cover the same benefits as Original Medicare. This includes hospital stays, doctor’s visits, and preventive care. Medicare Advantage Extra Benefits come in addition to the standard benefits included in the Medicare Advantage Plans. Some of the extra benefits will include gym memberships or gym discounts. There are some vision, hearing, and dental services. The extra benefits are a big win for clients.  Knowing each plan’s extra benefits can make the agent a hero when it comes to helping clients with their Medicare.

Medicare Card

The Extra Benefits from each of the carriers in the plans may have some similarities between them, as well as some, which could have major differences. One of the extra benefits that could be included is called an over-the-counter card or OTC Card. The member of the Medicare Advantage plan has a specific amount of money they can spend on non-prescription drugs in addition to other health-related items. Another extra benefit in regards to the Medicare Advantage plans is a set number of trips of transportation to any of the policyholders’ medical appointments.

Further instances of those extra benefits go in more depth where the policyholder needs more assistance throughout the day or may need some more hands-on help. In this case, the extra benefits would include adult day care services or caregivers can come to the policy’s holders’ home for support there. In some scenarios, some policyholders of the Medicare Advantage plans have no idea what type of services are actually offered to them or what resources are available locally in their community. Other examples of the extra benefits would include Social work teleservices, caregiver support services, and expanding telehealth services for the policyholder. These extra services and benefits can help the beneficiaries utilize and maximize their plans and be able to use them to their full advantage.

Pinnacle Financial Services is a full-service “FMO” that offers you the best technology in the business while giving you options as well. We are the only FMO in the country that offers both electronic enrollment platforms: Connecture and Sunfire. When you are contracted, certified, and ready to sell; both platforms are free of charge for our agents. You will be then able to utilize our tools to check out and then enroll your Medicare beneficiary. You will be able to narrow it down to the best Medicare Advantage Plan for your client with the extra benefits that fit their needs for them. There are no sales quotas or commitments that you need to make to us as we just want to help you grow your business. We have some of the best opportunities to help agents grow as well as receive individualized attention. The Pinnacle Medicare team is always available to assist so give us a call!  If you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to give your sales director a call here. Join us at the top!


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