Long-Term Care Insurance: Hybrid Life & Annuity Options

February 22, 2021

Traditional Long-Term Care

We have several traditional LTC options with A-rated carriers. Clients can buy LTC as a single person, or as a joint policy with their spouse. Married couples will receive a marital discount whether both apply or just one. Clients generally pay premiums over a lifetime although we do have limited pay options.

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Hybrid Life & Annuity LTC Options

Most of the LTC planning today is done using hybrid Life & Annuity products. Click here for more info on the costs of LTC and how Hybrid plans are footing the bill.

Life LTC Hybrid

Life insurance with Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic/Critical/Terminal illness. Some will accelerate the full Death Benefit while others are limited. More involved LTC Riders can be added with some carriers. Premiums can be paid systematically or in lump sum. Click here for more on how hybrid life insurance is paying LTC claims.

Annuity LTC Hybrid

Generally require a lump-sum premium. Many of the guaranteed lifetime income annuities offer income enhancements for LTC. Some are for nursing homes only while others cover home care as well. Some annuities have more robust enhancements than others so picking the right product for the client is important. Click here for info on NEW exclusive Nationwide PEAK 10 Annuity.

LTC Quoting Tool

Every agent can quote LTC on our website for free.

LTC Whitepaper & Fact-Finder

Contact us for complementary LTC Whitepaper and Fact-Finding Tools.

Life, Annuity, & LTC Pre-Set Appointment Program

We provide agents with pre-set appointments with State and Federal employees at a very low cost. This program sets exclusive appointments with pension-eligible employees. No commitment or up-front cost. Can be on appointment and selling very quickly. Pre-Set Appointment Best Practices.

Are you New to Life, Annuities, and/or LTC Sales?

If you are just getting started with Life, Annuity, and/or LTC products or are just learning about them, click here for more info. Training is provided on products, fact-finding, selling concepts, etc.

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