Fixed Index Annuity Illustration

August 13, 2019

Fixed Index Annuity sales have continually been increasing year over year. As a FMO for annuity sales working with hundreds of agents across the country we here at Pinnacle Financial Services know the power of a Fixed Index Annuity illustration.

With so many carriers and products available in the industry these days, not to mention the many new indexing strategies, it has become harder and harder to keep track of which is the best product for your client.

That is where we can help. If you have a client that knows they want income at a certain age or just wants to leave it sit for accumulation, we can input it into our Fixed Index Annuity software program and come up with the best company that will accomplish their goals. It can show them exactly how much guaranteed lifetime income they would get at whatever age they want to active their guaranteed stream of annuity income. It will also show how the client’s money will grow on a tax-deferred basis if they don’t touch it. Annuity illustrations will also give clients historical back testing showing the best and worst scenarios performed over the last 10 years. Setting the right expectations is key in making an annuity presentation.

For those interested in seeing that historical growth in an illustration we can show that as well. An index annuity’s annual growth is tied to a stock market index (Dow Jones, Janus, S&P500, etc) rather than a fixed rate. Show a client how an annuity can grow their retirement nest egg without any of the large ups and downs of the market. A strong illustration can help you show a client how an annuity can protect their retirement and give them the peace of mind of guaranteeing a lifetime stream of income.

Here at Pinnacle Financial Services, we provide illustrations based on your specific clients’ goals. Not every situation is the same and fact finding is an integral part of providing the best possible annuity illustration.

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Warren Readinger

Warren Readinger

Director of Sales - Life, Annuity, & LTC

x7794 | wreadinger@pfsinsurance.com


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