Aetna’s Value Based Enrollment Program

August 13, 2019

As the Medicare industry continues to grow, so will the way companies try to interpret healthcare needs. As an FMO, it is our job to help pass along all the exciting new programs that companies roll out to both the agents and clients. Available in select markets, Aetna is introducing a program called Value Based Enrollment or VBE for short.

So, you may be asking yourself what a value-based enrollment is and what it entails for you and your clients. VBE is a new option that is available through the Ascend Virtual Sales Office app that Aetna offers for online enrollment of Medicare Advantage plans. After the online enrollment of your client is complete (through Ascend Virtual Sales Office only), you can help them schedule a voluntary health-related survey phone call. This phone call consists of a wellness advocate of Aetna speaking with your clients about what their health goals may be and help them schedule a wellness visit with their PCP (Primary Care Physician). Please be aware that agents are not allowed to be present with their clients while this call is being done.

There are 3 options to complete the VBE with your client. Once the Ascend application is completed, you will have the option to:

  1. Connect Me Now: This is when your client wishes to do the call at that time.
  2. Schedule a Callback: This is if your client wants to schedule a future date and time to complete the call.
  3. Decline: This is if they do not wish to do the VBE call at all.

In order to participate, please keep in mind that you need to be ready-to-sell for Aetna and have access to the Ascend application. In order to get access, you must request it through Aetna’s Producer’s World. Keep in mind, agents who complete the VBE call either now or set-up for a future date, will earn a service fee for doing so.

Why should agents do this? It benefits all parties in the process. The client will get to share their health goals, as well as, set up a wellness check with their doctor. The agent will strengthen their relationships with their clients by helping coordinate their care and make a couple extra dollars doing so. For Aetna, it will help improve their quality of care of members and help gain insights into how to help your clients avoid potential health risks.

Pinnacle Financial Services is always in the loop on all these added programs to help build, and retain, your clients. We have plenty of lead and co-op opportunities available as the Medicare annual election period (or AEP) approaches.

Contact Pinnacle Financial Services today to learn more about Aetna’s VBE program and Medicare required training.

Rob Valincius

Rob Valincius

Director of Sales - Health

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