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April 26, 2021

One of the most common questions I am asked by agents is “What kind of Medicare lead programs does Pinnacle make available”? To answer that question and give a brief description of our lead programs, I’ll discuss what leads and training Pinnacle can offer to our agents.

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Prospect list

A prospect list is exactly what it sounds like. Too many times have agents told me about the agencies that had given them free T65 leads, only to have it not pan out the way they would have liked. Transparency is important when talking about lead programs- it is an investment for your business!

Pinnacle Financial Services offers our agents both a T65 and a 66+ thousand names prospect list at no charge. We can be specific with this as well from the demographic, either T65 or 66+, and can adjust the income level. Additionally, Pinnacle can pick from multiple languages for those that are bilingual speakers. Just remember, with a list of “free leads” there is more leg work.

Per Piece Mailer

If you are looking for a lead program that has a guaranteed response and with an order that is filled in its entirety, Pinnacle has the solution for you!

With our program, we can specify the areas you would like to target and/or adjustable household incomes, providing peace of mind- what you paid for, you are getting back in full. If you want 20 leads, you order 20 leads. Take the guesswork out of how many responses you may get from a traditional direct mail campaign.

Bulk Orders

Pinnacle Financial Services also provides bulk mailers to our agents. Several vendors we partner with have multiple options for our agents to choose from. You could look to do a bulk order and want to target the D-SNP market, or even want to do a bulk order with your current book of business and inform them you do life and annuity on top of Medicare.

With the bulk orders, agents are looking between 1.5% up to 2% return on average if mailing out to Medicare clients in the Turning 65 market or 66+. However, with dual-eligible clients, you return higher rates. Pinnacle has seen an increase in return up to 13% in certain areas. We offer plenty of training on D-SNP products, so if this is a new area for you, we will be there every step of the way.


Pinnacle assists our agents with a variety of training materials and personal webinars, ensuring that they have the utmost confidence. After working with Pinnacle, agents work with leads as they come in but also will have stronger product knowledge. We’re here to help you each step of the way in your Medicare, life, and/or annuity business.

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Marcus Guzman

Marcus Guzman

Director of Sales - Health

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