Annuity Fact-Finding

August 12, 2019

In the annuity department at Pinnacle Financial Services, “What’s your best Annuity?” is a question we get all the time. But with just a little of pertinent information, this question can be answered easily.

As part of Annuity Fact-Finding, some additionally important questions will include: how old is the prospect? Are they in the accumulation or distribution phase of their planning, (are they looking for growth or do they need income)? What is their time horizon for income?

At Pinnacle Financial Services, we strive to give our agents the absolute best options for their clients. Our main priority is to help you get the sale! The best way we can do that is by training our agents and advisors to effectively Fact-Find once they have identified a qualified Annuity prospect.

The more information you have about your prospect, the better we will be at determining the best solution. Just like if you were to go see a doctor, the doctor wouldn’t just look at you from the waiting room and write you a prescription… No, they would ask you some questions first, determine your symptoms, and then identify a course of action. The role of a good agent isn’t much different when it comes to making a sound recommendation. The question, “What is the best Annuity”, is extremely subjective and personal for a specific client. But will a couple of easy to follow question it can make all the difference in giving the, “best annuity”, for your client.

Need help ironing out your fact-finding approach? There are so many resources out there today, it may be overwhelming. The agents that work with us here at Pinnacle Financial get the benefit of our years or experience and trial-and-error! We have Fact-Finding questionnaires that are designed specifically for the Annuity sales discussion and provide coaching for our agents on how to professionally walk a client through a Fact-Finding appointment.

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Josh Horton

Josh Horton

Senior Sales Director - Life, Annuity, & LTC

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