Medicare Enrollment Center

October 4, 2019

Pinnacle Financial Services, a top Medicare FMO, provides our partner agents with all the technology to be their own Medicare enrollment center.

Pinnacle’s Connect4Medicare, an online enrollment platform, has been the latest and most convenient method of enrolling your clients online. Connect4Medicare is specifically focused on Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement & Part D.

This service, made by the same company that created and maintains Medicare.gov, has been designed to combine all of the top carrier’s online tools in one easy and convenient place. One of Connect4Medicare‘s most popular features is the Physician, Pharmacy, and Drug lookup tool. This resource combines all of the carrier’s provider directories, formularies, and pharmacy lookups in one place.

Gone are the days of logging in to various carriers’ websites, or checking through pages and pages of provider directories to check to see if a doctor may be in network. Simply type in the zip code and every plan available will populate along with a link to check the physician, drug, or pharmacy, saving you a substantial amount of time.

The main purpose of Connect4Medicare is to allow agents to sell in three different ways:

  • Face to Face: In this scenario, agents would be in front of the client and able to enroll them online, using a computer or tablet, while having the convenience of all the products and carriers in one place.
  • Over the Phone: Should agents be selling over the phone, they have the availability of sending an electronic SOA, completing the consultation, and then sending their client the application to complete online.
  • Personalized Client Facing Website: Every agent gets a personalized website that is customized with every carrier and plan they are certified to sell, (similar to the process of Medicare.gov.) Clients can enter their information, shop and compare plans, and even enroll themselves within a plan on their own, without any agent assistance.

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Bob Brzyski

Bob Brzyski

VP - Marketing & Business Development

x7742 | bbrzyski@pfsinsurance.com


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