At Pinnacle Financial Services your success is our success.  Our number one goal is to make it easier for you to do business through a combination of one on one case analysis and design along with all the technology you need.

 Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our partner agents, agencies and financial advisors have to say about their personal experience working with us.

Pinnacle has all the companies and make it so easy to do business. They scrub the applications and if you are missing something they let you know. The team at Pinnacle understands how important communication is on my business. I’ve dealt with more brokers over the years than I can speak of and there is no doubt I’ve found my home at Pinnacle  They can do all your Annuity, LTC, Med Supps, Med Advantage and life plans. One stop selling!

S.A., Pennsylvania

What I like the most about working with PFS is my support guy Cody Johnson, he is friendly and always there when I need him to be. I like that I am not hassled on a quota because I work for myself and do not need the pressure of someone asking me why I’m not selling a certain product. I sell what’s best for the customer. Pinnacle allows me to do this with the various options of providers I can offer to my clients. The website is awesome and very easy to get quotes and compare the different plans in the area. I love the website!!!! If you decide to contract with PFS – ASK FOR CODY..  HANDS DOWN.

J.B., Virginia

I have been working through Pinnacle Financial for 5 years.  They are professional, courteous, and always ready to assist me as issues arise. All departments are responsive and knowledgeable.  I know I can count on the folks at Pinnacle to be there for me.

Y.F., New Jersey

I have been working with Pinnacle Financial for the last 14 months, I am delighted by the support provided to my agency and to to my agents. I would recommend anyone to work with them because of their professionalism.

S.C., Florida

On an everyday basis, Pinnacle Financial Services helps create an environment where anything is possible in the generation and retention of insurance agents and clients. With the new website and tools, our agents have even more resources to work with than ever before. The capabilities of Pinnacle Financial Services’ staff to contract and help train our agents has helped us tremendously. Overall, Pinnacle Financial Services has allowed us to get an edge on our competition and ultimately go above and beyond our customers’ and agents expectations.

R.H., Delaware

Pinnacle is a great company. Our relationship has grown with my agency over the last several years, and I look forward to working with them for years to come.

B.F., Pennsylvania

Working with Pinnacle Financial over 3 years. Whenever you have a question they try their best to help however big or small, their service is great. 

O.S., New Jersey

I have been working with Pinnacle for several years and have been very impressed with their customer service to me.  I have worked with many FMOs in my time in the insurance industry, and Pinnacle is number 1 with me.  The staff is friendly, responsive, and very supportive.  I would say this is a direct reflection of the leadership and example of the owner, Kevin, who I trust completely.  If you are looking for a FMO that feels like a trusted partner, look no further.

L.S., Pennsylvania

From Ann’s smiling, welcoming voice greeting us- going the extra mile to help get me to the right person when I had an urgent problem- to the incredible enrollment department, Cindy, Amy, Di, Rich and Kevin, Jr. in support, to the sales support: Nick, Dustin, Rob and Cody.  All helped me with questions and were willing to step in when others were busy, traveling, etc. And of course, [Pinnacle’s] support in our marketing program was greatly appreciated.  I would say this was the best run AEP we have had with PFS and we were impressed with the unselfish teamwork all displayed.  [Pinnacle is] the 3rd FMO we have had over the years and by far, the most professional. We just passed the 1000 client milestone this past AEP and there is no way we could have gotten there without [Pinnacle’s] help!

B.P., Arizona

After having written Medicare business through a local “mom and pop” General Agency and, later, a large FMO, I finally found in Pinnacle an upline that provides superb all-around support. I can always count on Jeff and his team for training, enrollment tracking, and ongoing help, no matter the need. Pinnacle is also helping us expand our business across the US. To a person, they are excellent! I highly recommend them to any broker.

J.L., New Jersey

I’ve worked with several Marketing Organizations over the years and few of which can match the consistency in Professionalism, Promptness and Willingness to support the needs of myself or my Downline and, most importantly my Clients needs as has Pinnacle!. From Contracting support to the Diversity and Richness of their Product Portfolio  with “A” Rated Carriers along with Training resources, Pinnacle and the Staff will support and give you their best each and every time!!

O.L., Delaware

I have been doing business with Pinnacle for more than 18 years. The reason I am loyal to them is that they are loyal to me. The people are friendly and helpful and the service is great. 

S.N., Missouri

Pinnacle has all of the tools and resources necessary to be successful in the insurance industry today. They’re knowledge, expertise and outstanding support have been a tremendous asset to my business.

S.H., Pennsylvania

I started working with pinnacle about 8 years ago as an independent producer trying to build a book of business.  Pinnacle provided me with access to everything  needed to grow my book and become successful.  I now own an agency with sub agents in a number of states and have continued to grow every year. I would not be where I am without all the help and support the people at pinnacle provide me on a daily basis.

E.C., Connecticut

Best service of any marketing company I have ever dealt with. Great help with case design, preparation, and processing of business. Pinnacle always goes above and beyond in order to help me write business.

D.K., New Jersey

Pinnacle has a team of Agent Supporters who go way beyond any other FMO group I have ever worked with. I must say it’s been a pleasure working with Nick Palo for the three years I’ve been connected with Pinnacle he has always been prompt to assist myself and my agents in our five state region. His attention to details, searching for the correct answers and best solutions to our varied issues has made our jobs easier while meeting the needs of our beneficiaries. We all greatly appreciate Nick’s dedication to his agents and our clients! Thanks for making our jobs easier Nick.

M.S., Nevada

With an array of Marketing Organizations in our industry, Pinnacle certainly lives up to their name. They are a top-notch company offering the carriers, lead access and friendly support you need to be successful. We have been with them for several years and truly value our relationship.

J.C., Pennsylvania

My agency is excited about our ongoing 20+ year relationship with Pinnacle Financial Services.  We are primarily a property and casualty agency offering multi-line insurance services to our customers. Josh at Pinnacle makes it easy to get annuity and life quotes and help issue policies that require additional expertise.  With Josh’s knowledge and services, Pinnacle is a great asset to our customers and our agency!  We highly recommend them. Thanks for all you do Josh! 

R.T., Arizona

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