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Pinnacle Financial Services provides our agents with a surplus of resources for their disposal. With the expertise of our representatives, and advanced technology to improve sales, agents who contract with Pinnacle experience a general increase of twenty to forty percent in production.

Discount CE

Online Continuing Education & Exam Prep

Pinnacle Financial Services had partnered with WebCE, a leading nationwide provider of Continuing Education for insurance professionals to provide you with state-approved self-study CE courses to satisfy your CE requirements online!

Online and Paper-based courses available!¹

WebCE delivers over a half million courses annually, and offers the largest nationwide catalog of courses approved to satisfy state-specific subject requirements on topics such as ethics, law, annuities and variable products, and LTC/LTC Partnership training.

¹Discounts are automatically applied. Additional charges for paper materials, shipping, and state filing fees may apply.

Discount E&O

Affordable & Comprehensive E&O Insurance

Only $383 per year! Click below and apply now.

Price will be pro-rated according to the month you begin.


Where Financial Services Grow Together

Over 25,000 advisors, brokers, and agents have chosen Gainfully as their network.

  • Access thousands of content resources from the top companies
  • Send personally branded emails to 1 or 100 clients
  • Curate a library of client resources for sharing
  • Subscribe to campaigns foro automatic content updates
  • Market your professional brand with automated social media
  • Generate leads and referrals from every link you share

Marketing Plan

It All Starts with a Plan

Writing a marketing plan doesn’t have to be a difficult task, nor does it need to follow any formal style. Download our Agent Marketing Plan PDF to get started on yours today.

NAHU Benefits

The National Association of Health Underwriters represents more than 100,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, general agents, consultants and benefit professionals through more than 200 chapters across America.

NAHU offers its members a multitude of educational opportunities, including advanced designation programs, continuing-education classes and online learning.

NAHU provides its members with professional conferences and networking functions, publications and business-development tools.

NAHU also conduct advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels of government to advance the interests of health insurance professionals and to promote affordable and responsible private health insurance market solutions.

As a proud supporter of all the NAHU events, registration is easy and benefits are abundant.


Pinnacle Financial Services has an abundance of resources for you to use at your leisure. We’re constantly updating our toolkits, and keep our agents on the cusp of the latest in insurance technology.


Pinnacle hosts a variety of webinars, on all of our products and services. Our team teaches agents how to use our resources to increase sales and provide better results for their clients.

Access our latest webinars to stay current in today’s insurance market.


Whether for educational or marketing purposes, feel free to use our film media at your convenience.

Post-Season Game Plan

A Guide to Successfully Advance through the Medicare Season & Beyond

Great teams spend countless hours preparing before each season begins. They work hard to make sure that they are prepared for every opportunity they will face, and they take time to develop the best habits to ensure success. They also begin with the end in mind to set goals to get through the Regular Season and become champions!

As you gear up for medicare advantage season it is important to begin with the end in mind, and consider what you’re going to do when the Regular Season ends and you enter the Postseason. With this in mind, Legacy Safeguard has created the Postseason Game Plan. This game plan will keep you focused so that you can advance to the Postseason ready to help more clients than you ever thought possible.

Producer License Check

The Best way to Manage your Compliance

Managing your own personal compliance? Use ProducerEDGE!

By activating your account, you’ll gain access to the industry’s most powerful and personal compliance tool. Best of all- it’s free!

Note: This is a third-party site, and is not directly associated with Pinnacle Financial Services.

Retail Initiative

More than 4,600 Stores to Choose From

The team at Pinnacle can help you identify a store. Once we find one, we can reserve it just for you!

  • Round 2: May 23rd – June 18th (Closes at 3PM EST)
  • Round 3: June 22nd – June 29th (Closes at 3PM EST)

Program Details

  • Must be contracted through Pinnacle with two of three Medicare Advantage carriers.
  • Must be in the store 20 hours per week/ 3 days a week.
  • Daily reporting and check-ins are required.
  • Must complete Medicare product certification by September 1st.

Sales Aid

Pinnacle Financial Services has an abundance of resources for you to use at your leisure. Our team is constantly updating our toolkits and keeping our agents on the cusp of the latest insurance technology.

Secure Email

Protect Yourself, and Your Clients, for Free

On January 1st, 2012, all agents must be compliant with client privacy protection regulations that are currently being put in force. No documents containing personal information will be allowed over unsecured email or fax. Pinnacle will get you ready for this change ahead of time just for being part of our team.

Send/Receive contracts, applications, etc. securely with the click of a mouse, all for free.

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