Pinnacle University 2018

Medicare, Life and Annuity Agent Sales Training... You Don't Want to Miss It!

Pinnacle University 2018

Medicare, Life and Annuity Agent Sales Training…

You Don’t Want to Miss It!

Pinnacle University Meeting Dates / Locations for 2018:

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February 20th: Fairfax, VA 10AM – 2PM

February 20th: Scranton, PA 10AM – 2PM

February 21st: Richmond, VA 10AM – 2PM

February 22nd: Virginia Beach, VA 10AM – 2PM

February 22nd: Bethlehem, PA 10AM – 2PM

March 6th: Jackson, MS 10AM – 2PM

March 6th: Tucson, Arizona 10AM – 2PM

March 7th: Baton Rouge, LA 10AM – 2PM

March 7th: Chandler, Arizona 9:30AM – 1:30PM

March 8th: New Orleans, LA 10AM – 2PM

March 13th: Chicago, Illinois 10AM – 2PM

March 14th: Madison, Wisconsin 10AM – 2PM

March 20th: Atlanta, Georgia 10AM – 2PM

March 21st: Birmingham, Alabama 10AM – 2PM

March 27th: Buffalo, New York 10AM – 2PM

March 28th: Seattle, Washington 10AM – 2PM

March 28th: Syracuse, New York 10AM – 2PM

March 29th: Portland, Oregon 10AM – 2PM

March 29th: Albany, New York 10AM – 2PM

April 3rd: Columbus, Ohio 10AM – 2PM

April 4th: Cleveland, Ohio 10AM – 2PM

April 10th: Memphis, Tennessee 10AM – 2PM

April 11th: Nashville, Tennessee 10AM – 2PM

April 12th: Tampa, Florida 10AM – 2PM

April 19th: Grand Rapids, Michigan 9AM – 1PM

April 23rd: Norwich, Connecticut 10AM – 2PM

April 24th: Orange, Connecticut 10AM – 2PM

April 25th: Farmington, Connecticut 10AM – 2PM

April 25th: Greensboro, North Carolina 10AM – 2PM

April 26th: Danbury, Connecticut 10AM – 2PM

April 27th: Meriden, Connecticut 10AM – 2PM

May 1st: Houston, Texas 10AM – 2PM

May 2nd: Dallas, Texas 10AM – 2PM

May 15th: Jacksonville, Florida 10AM – 2PM

Topics Covered:

MKT100 – Intro to PFS
An Intro to Our Full Suite of Quoting & Compliance Tools

ANN100 – Selling Annuities
Guaranteed Lifetime Income to Your Client

MKT101 – Personal Branding
Increase Sales and Referrals by Becoming a Center of Influence.

MED100 – Medicare Training
Straightforward walkthrough of the different parts of Medicare and the Selling Opportunities.

Year Round Medicare Selling Opportunity

LIRP100 – Life Insurance for Retirement
How to use life insurance for retirement

*Not all courses will be at each meeting. Call for more details.