WellCare | The Ascend Advantage: Value Based Enrollments (VBE)

September 19, 2020

Did you know you can earn up to $60 per enrollment* by completing a Value-Based Enrollment through Ascend?

Great news!

We are excited to announce that beginning October 15th WellCare, Allwell, Ascension Complete, and Health Net will be offering up to a $60 administration fee for every completed electronic Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for Medicare Advantage (MA) and Dual-Eligible Special Needs (DSNP) members.


This year you will be able to utilize the VBE tool, a feature of the Ascend enrollment platform. The VBE can be accessed either directly through Ascend or via a separate website for those not using Ascend.

Soon you will receive instructions on how to access and utilize the new VBE tool.

New this year:

OTC items can be ordered through the VBE tool. This optional service is available for all plans that use CVS for OTC benefits. Note: Orders will not be shipped until the beneficiary’s health plan effective date.

Ascend 2021 VBE options:

Complete HRA Now — Earn $60 per enrollment

This option allows the broker to complete the HRA and OTC order with the beneficiary.

Connect Me Now — Earn $40 per enrollment

This option will trigger an immediate phone call to the beneficiary from the heath plan to complete the HRA and place their OTC order.

Schedule a Callback — Earn $30 per enrollment

This option will allow the broker to schedule a specific date and time for the health plan to call the beneficiary to complete an HRA and place their OTC order.

Important Information, beginning 10/15:

  • Allwell, Health Net and Ascension plans will no longer provide admin payments for Blue Button.
  • For 2021 effectives, Ascend’s VBE tool will be the ONLY way that you can receive administrative payments for HRA completion. There will be no changes to 2020 HRA processes.
  • For each completed VBE, brokers receive an administration fee that is distinctly separate from the sales commission associated with CMS commission guidelines. This administration fee is in compliance with CMS requirements and is intended to encourage brokers to facilitate the smooth transition of new enrollees. VBE will help ensure that the healthcare needs of new members are met.

Keep scrolling down for useful resources and reminders.


  • Click here for more information about Ascend and other helpful Application & Enrollment Tools.
  • Click here for instructions on how to download the Ascend Mobile App (AMA).
  • Click here to access Ascend via the internet.
  • Your username is: email@example.com
  • Your temporary password is: Wellcare123 (Case sensitive)
  • If the temporary password does not work, you can select Forgot Password to reset.
  • You will be prompted to change your password upon first login.

Ascend Reminders:

  • In the new version of Ascend, you may be able to see plans that you are not currently contracted and certified to market and sell; this does not mean that you are now contracted and certified for 2021.
  • As part of our One Broker Experience, we have combined 2021 contracting and certification training requirements (2021 AHIP & ACT). Once both are completed you will be able to market and sell all Centene brands. Until then, unless you were previously, separately contracted with WellCare and Centene (Allwell, Health Net, Trillium, and Ascension Complete) you can only market and sell the plans you contracted and certified for in 2020.
  • In order to access the Ascend platform, your broker status must be Active Certified, signifying that you are currently contracted and have completed all certification requirements: AHIP and ACT.

As always, we thank you for your continued partnership. 

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