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December 21, 2020

Introducing… The Harbourview 4- Year and 6- Year MYGA’s

We hope this finds you healthy safe and looking forward to 2021 as much as all of us at Oceanview. Together we have accomplished a lot and your patience, support and encouragement have been greatly appreciated.

Leading into the New Year, we have recently “activated” our systems to support a 4-year and a 6- year MYGA as well. As an extension of the yield curve challenges and feedback regarding our current 3- year and 5- year pricing, we hope to find some appeal and incremental interest with these durations. In addition, as an extension of our “evolution”, we will be launching an S&P FIA very soon and look forward to adding it to the product offerings from Oceanview.

Hopefully, 2021 will be a year for us to celebrate with even greater enthusiasm than 2020. Together, let’s have a positive, prosperous 2021! 

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