Mutual of Omaha | Express April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020

Mutual of Omaha

Important Updates

A Message from CEO James Blackledge

Mutual of Omaha’s CEO James Blackledge discusses our company’s financial strength and stability. Read the statement here.

Important Updates from Customer Service

This article includes information regarding grace period extensions, processing claims that are in an extended grace period, coverage during a pandemic, changes to duplicate policy request processing, and self-service resources available to you and your customers.

Important Information Regarding Life Policy Output Procedures

Beginning April 1, 2020, all life insurance policies with or without delivery requirements will be mailed directly to the policyholder.

Important Information Regarding Annuity New Business

Our annuity teams are providing information regarding signing applications electronically, submitting requirements via fax and email, and keeping up with our annuity rate changes.

Important Information Regarding LTC Underwriting and New Business

LTC Underwriting and New Business have received several inquiries for processing alternatives in light of the current situation. Please read this article for complete details.

Medicare Solutions

Changes for PDP e-App Over the Phone Enrollments

As we practice social distancing, it has changed the way many are doing business. Read about some rule changes regarding the taking of a Prescription Drug Plan enrollment on e-App over the phone.

Including MBI on Medicare Supplement Apps

Include the MBI on your client’s Medicare supplement app and avoid delays in processing.

Value Add Benefits- Talk It Up

Learn more about our value-added benefits and what states you can talk about them pre-sale. Texas is the latest state that allows pre-sale communication.

Life Insurance

TLA Pricing Changes

Effective, today, April 1, 2020, we have updated our Term Life Answers pricing.

Underwriting Materials Updated for New Term Conversion Guidelines

Our Underwriting Guidelines booklet and Term Conversion flyer have been updated with the new term conversion guidelines announced on March 18th. Download yours today!

Identify Clients Who May Need IUL Express

Want to know who the target markets for IUL Express products are? This sales sheet outlines who you should consider as potential clients.

Long-Term Care

Updated LTC e-Application FAQ

If you haven’t tried the LTC e-App yet, what are you waiting for?

Prescreening LTCi Applicants is Always a Good Idea

Prescreening your LTCi applications is the best way to know what rate class to quote or even whether the case should be submitted and Mutual of Omaha makes it easy!

The Changing Landscape of LTC Planning

The long-term care planning landscape is changing but there’s one thing that’s stayed the same: a traditional LTCi policy remains a viable way for your clients to protect themselves from the risk of needing LTC services.


Turn DI Objections into Sales

How to overcome common objections and present ways to turn them into sales.

Priority Income Protection® e-Application

Our Priority Income Protection e-Application is so convenient you may never go back to paper.

DI Basics

An Important Part of a Financial Plan.

Critical Illness

Try the Critical Advantage℠ e-App Today!

The Critical Advantage e-App is the best way to submit your applications.

With Cancer Insurance, Your Clients Save More and You Sell More

Competitive rates are just one of the great features of the Cancer product

How to Introduce Critical Advantage℠ Products to your Clients

If you are new to Critical Advantage products, here are some ways you can introduce them to your clients.


Errors and Omissions Reminder

Errors and Omissions insurance is a requirement prior to selling certain lines of insurance.

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