Humana | 2020 Plan/ Star Rating Documents

Nov 1, 2019

2020 Plan/ Star Rating Documents (PRDs)

  • For your current inventory, you will need to replace your 2019 PRDs with the new 2020
  • Future orders for Enrollment books:
    • AIO Enrollment Books:
      • Will continue to have the 2019 bound in and must be removed when you receive them
      • 2020 PRD will be associated to all enrollment book orders so you will get the new one with your order
    • Enrollment Books with plan booklet assembled in the back pocket:
      • 2019 PRDs will no longer be in the pocket
      • 2020 PRDs will be included in the pocket
  • Individual PRDs:
    • Are updated so you will be able to order these to replace your stock
  • 2020 PRDs CANNOT be used until 10/29, but must be in place by no later than Nov. 1st

Click Here for 2020 Plan/ Star Ratings

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