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October 22, 2020

Your clients could fill certain insulin prescriptions without emptying their wallets.

We know that cost matters to clients, and we’re taking action to help make the meds they need more affordable. It’s another way we’re making healthcare more human. So many of our MAPD plans and PDPs will offer the Part D Senior Savings Model, which we call the Insulin Savings Program (ISP)! This program provides affordable, predictable copays on select insulins. Specifically, eligible clients will pay a maximum $35 copay per select insulin per month.*


What does this mean for my clients?

Many people with diabetes take less insulin than they should due to the cost. As a result, it can be more difficult for clients to keep their blood sugar controlled and feeling well, in order to prevent serious complications down the road. The ISP is on 268 MAPD plans (mostly non-DSNP HMOs) and 35 Premier PDPs. Clients on select insulins may save an average of $446 per year in insulin costs!** That means we can help many clients all over the country more easily afford their needed insulin.

That’s the brief introduction.
Here’s the deep dive.

Our new self-study course on HMU goes in-depth on the details behind the ISP, participating plans, eligibility, cost-sharing, insulin tiers, and more. And if you’d like some client materials, this training has those too, including resources covering ANOC and Benefits at a Glance.

Looking for sales materials?
Look no further.

Both of these materials include some information on the ISP.

Humana Reach Rewards

Take the ISP training on HMU and earn Reach Rewards points! Complete it by October 31 to earn 50 points or earn 25 points when you complete it from November 1 through January 31. Bonus points are only available and valid now through January 31, 2021.

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*The Insulin Savings Program is not included on all plans or available to clients who receive extra help or clients who are on group Medicare plans. Cost is max $35 per select insulin per month through the Deductible, Initial Coverage, and Coverage Gap phases of the Part D benefit. During the Catastrophic phase, the member will pay 5% of the total cost of the drug which will be less than $35 in most cases, but may be more depending on the type of insulin and dose.

**All estimates and averages are based on beneficiary out-of-pocket costs from 2018 CMS Prescription Drug Event data, inclusive of the majority of rapid-, short- intermediate-, and long-acting insulins. Costs are calculated only for non-Low-income Subsidy (non-LIS) beneficiaries in enhanced alternative standalone prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans that offer prescription drug coverage, individual savings may vary.

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