Humana | Easier Prescriptions may be Available for Members

October 13, 2020

Let’s make healthcare- and getting a prescription- more human.

As you’re reviewing plans with members and prospects, don’t forget to highlight preferred cost-share mail-order pharmacies that may be available in their plan, such as Humana Pharmacy. Mail-order prescription services (literally) deliver what your members need with the experience they want. An experience that’s easier, more personalized, and more… well, human. Remember, members can choose to utilize any of the pharmacies that are available in their network.


If someone asks about Humana Pharmacy, here’s some help with an answer.

  • Credibility: Received the J.D. Power Award for the #1 in customer satisfaction among Mail Order Pharmacies for three years in a row¹.
  • Ease of use: Humana Pharmacy notifies members when it’s time to refill/renew prescriptions via phone, email, or text message, depending on a member’s preference.
  • Convenience: Finding prescription information, checking order status and refilling is easy to do with on the Humana Pharmacy website or mobile app.
  • Accuracy: Two pharmacists check new prescriptions for accuracy to avoid interactions with members’ other medications. Heat-sealed bottles with tamper-resistant foil help ensure quality and safety, and automated prescription dispensing limits unnecessary human handling.

It only takes one Consent Form to use the Pharmacy.

Humana Pharmacy is a separate entity, so to access members’ Medicare details, we need a consent form from each member. If a member wants to be contacted by Humana Pharmacy, you can help them complete this step during enrollment in Enrollment Hub, where it’ll appear at the end of the process.

Want more resources?

We’re prescribing a trip to the MRC.

There are lots of ready-to-use Humana Pharmacy materials available. Our Humana Pharmacy Booklet provides an overview in English, Spanish, and Chinese. The Humana Pharmacy Diabetic flyer explains which $0 diabetic supplies are available through the pharmacy. And our “Savings is Easy” flyer that goes over the pharmacy’s key benefits and how to get started. Find them all when you search “Pharmacy” in the MRC.

Humana Reach Rewards

Looking for a quick and easy way to earn points? Download any MRC materials—including those mentioned above—and you’ll get 10 points for each one!

¹Humana Pharmacy’s received the highest score among mail-order pharmacies in the J.D. Power 2018-2020 U.S. Pharmacy Studies of customers’ satisfaction with their pharmacy. Visit jdpower.com/awards.

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