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September 24, 2020

You can Still Host Client Events. They just may Look a Little Different.

We wanted to send a quick reminder that you can now host events for your clients online!* There are several types of events, and you can find details on all of them on the Ignite website. You can also scroll down for a quick look at educational events and sales presentations.


Educational Events

These are events where you discuss Medicare in an educational capacity, informing a beneficiary about MA, PDP, and/or other Medicare programs. These types of events can’t include any sales/marketing activities or distribution of any marketing materials or plan information.

Policy on Permitted Activities at Education and Sales/Marketing Events

Sales Presentations

Any event that’s designed to steer potential enrollees toward a plan or set of plans is a sales presentation. Plan-specific marketing materials may be distributed at these types of events and leads may be collected*.

Policy on Telephonic and Virtual Sales Presentations

Humana Reach Rewards

Remember that you can earn Reach Rewards points by attending webinars, downloading MRC materials, and enrolling members!**

Don’t forget about your home for AEP prep.

As you lock in for the upcoming selling season, make sure to check out the resources available in the AEP 2021 section of the Humana Ignite website. There are resources on all things AEP readiness. You can get the latest on Humana on the News page.

Live Webinar

This webinar can help you become an engaging virtual event host.

Successful Virtual Meetings Webinar
September 24, 2020
12:00 pm EST
Register Now

On-Demand Webinar

Learn how to give your clients that personal touch. Virtually.

Making it Personal: How to Make Virtual Sales More Human
Available on demand
Watch Now

Here’s Some of the Latest Virtual Sales Content, Hot off the Presses.

Check out the article, New to Digital Marketing and Virtual Sales? Start Here, for an introduction to the virtual sales process from beginning to end (more specifically, from marketing to post-enrollment).

*Agents may not discuss or market 2021 plan information prior to Oct. 1. All virtual event activities are subject to Humana policy and CMS marketing guidelines. Report virtual events to the Sales and Marketing Support Executive (SMSE) either before advertising them or 10 days before the event’s scheduled date, whichever is earlier.

**See Reach Rewards Terms and Conditions for details.

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