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November 17, 2020

People are talking about in-home care

But do your clients know how they’ll pay for it?

Before the pandemic, demand for home health aides in the next decade was forecasted to exceed available workers by more than three million.¹ With COVID-19, the importance of home health care has been driven to the forefront as never before.

With 90% of married couples aged 65+ eventually needing some form of long-term care (LTC),² do your clients know how they’ll pay for their own LTC expenses?

Help your clients protect their retirement with ForeCare – a product that can double or triple their money for qualified LTC expenses on contract day one.3,4,5

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  3. ForeCare is for non-qualified funds only.
  4. This is called the ForeCare Multiplier (for non-qualified funds only): it provides two or three times (depending on underwriting eligibility) the amount of contract value in long-term care coverage to spend on qualified long-term care expenses. Benefits are subject to a maximum monthly benefit.
    The additional coverage in excess of the Contract Value is only available to use for a qualified long-term care benefit and will not become part of the contract value or the death benefit. Withdrawals, other than for qualified long-term care expenses, will adversely affect the amount of coverage for long-term care benefits in the future. Note: California policies apply the multiplier to the initial premium net of any optional benefit charges, and not the current contract value.
  5. To qualify for long-term care benefits you must be diagnosed as chronically ill by a licensed health care practitioner, which means you are severely cognitively impaired requiring substantial assistance to protect against threats to health and safety, or are unable to perform at least two of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
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