Global Atlantic | 20% Income Boost on Day 1

June 25, 2020

Help Rebuild their Retirement Dreams

The recent end to the longest bull market caught some clients by surprise. Within a two to three-week period, some portfolios were down 20-30%. What can you do to help put clients’ retirements back on track?

Take a look at Income 150+ SE fixed index annuity. Its strong early income story begins with a guaranteed 20% income boost on day one.¹ And the longer clients wait to use their income benefit, the more income boosts they’ll receive.

If you have any questions, please contact your IMO, visit globalatlantic.com, or call the sales team at (855) 44-SALES (447-2537), option 1.

¹ Income boosts, also known as Deferral Bonuses, are based on premium paid, and credited to the Withdrawal Base, reduced for any withdrawal in proportion to the reduction in contract value.

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