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March 19, 2020

Global Atlantic

Income 150+ fixed index annuity (FIA) offers all of the interest crediting potential and protection from market losses of a typical FIA. It features a powerful early income story, as well as a benefit that gives clients 2x the income for healthcare need.¹

As of 3/30/20, the Income Factor on Income 150+ is changing. The snapshot below details the 15bps decrease:

Age Current Income Factors² Income Factors as of 3/30/20²
70 5.15 5.00
71 5.25 5.10
72 5.35 5.20
73 5.45 5.30
74 5.55 5.40
75 5.65 5.50

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Income 150+ calculator, which can help you illustrate how to make the most out of your client’s retirement with the guaranteed income they can’t outlive.

For more information about Income 150+, please contact your IMO or the sales team at (855) 44-SALES (447-2537), option 1.

¹ This benefit is called the Income enhancement Benefit and it is not available in California or to issue ages above 75. The rider is not long-term care insurance and is not intended to replace such coverage. Requires annual certification by a healthcare professional that two of six ADLs cannot be performed. Other restrictions apply.

² Based on single-life only.

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