Envision | Online Enrollment Attestation Updated to Remove Face-to-Face Meeting Requirement

March 23, 2020


Effective immediately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, we updated our electronic enrollment application Broker Attestation section to include options that eliminate the need for you to meet face-to-face with your client.

To view the updated attestation section, sign in to your broker portal, click on Enroll Member tab, enter client zip code. The updated Broker Attestation is located at the bottom of the online enrollment form.

Broker Attestation Options: What They Mean to You:
I attest that I spoke to the member on the phone and they agree to enroll in EnvisionRxPlus. I will collect the paper documents at a later date and be prepared to be audited at plan discretion. You still need a signed application and SOA, but you can collect these documents at a later date. You need to verify that the application date and the signed date are the same date. Always be prepared to be audited at the plan’s discretion.
I attest my client has sent me a picture image of the signed SOA and application through a smartphone or email. I will keep this documentation for my records and will be prepared to be audited at plan discretion. Your client can send you an image of their signature on the required documents (application and SOA) through email or their SMART phone. You will keep this documentation as proof in case of auditing at the plan’s discretion.
I attest that I have recorded my client agreement to enroll in EnvisionRxPlus through a web communication software such as Zoom or GoTo Meeting. I will save a copy of this recording or transcript of it and be prepared to be audited at plan discretion. There is no need for paper SOA or application. For example, you can record a Web conference with your client. Save a copy of the recording transcript as proof in case of auditing at the plan’s discretion.

Your broker support team is equipped and available to answer your questions via email at envisionagentsupport@envisionrx.com.

The latest information on our response to COVID-19 can be found on our website at envisionrxplus.com.

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