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January 7, 2022

OEP is Here

Do’s and Don’ts for this time of Year

We don’t have to tell you that OEP is in full swing! Medicare beneficiaries have until March 31 to change their coverage if they have decided the plan they chose for 2022 doesn’t meet their needs as they had hoped.

During OEP, Medicare Advantage customers can:

  • Switch to another Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Return to Original Medicare. The beneficiary will be able to join a Part D plan.

As a valued Cigna Medicare Advantage partner, we want you to enjoy a successful, compliant OEP, so please remember these principles to stay on top of the OEP game:


  • Send marketing materials when a customer requests the information.
  • Market 5-star plans due to their continuous enrollment SEP (Cigna has a 5-star plan available in several Florida counties).
  • Promote Medicare Advantage to age-ins who have not yet made an enrollment decision.
  • Post educational articles to social media.
  • Market to dual-eligible and LIS beneficiaries who, in general, may make changes once per calendar quarter January – September.


  • Send unsolicited materials advertising or referencing OEP directly to your customers.
  • Purchase mailing lists or other identifying information to specifically target customers during OEP.
  • Engage in or promote activities intended to target OEP for further sales.
  • Call or otherwise contact customers who have selected new plans during AEP.

Statistics show that the most common reason a customer switches their plan is because their doctor is not in-network or a lack of prescription coverage. Reach out to your local broker manager to get the most up-to-date information on Cigna’s 2022 network and benefits.

Join us for our trainings on OEP, LIS, and Retention to make the most of your OEP season with Cigna. The complete schedule of training events including OEP for Brokers and Retention Strategies for Brokers is available on Producers’ University. Navigate to Resource Library, and then Agent Communications to access the calendar. If you are logged in to Producers’ University, you can go to the calendar directly.

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